Bad Days

Quick story:  My girls and I were heading to softball practice the other day when we saw an ambulance, fire truck and a few police cars driving past us.  I pulled over (I'm a law abiding police wife!) and explained to the girls that someone is having a really bad day to need all of that help.  My girls (ages 9, 6, and 3) understand that the police help people- their dad is a cop so instead of focusing on the dangers and risks, we always focus on how the police help people in the community.  Anyway, I explained that maybe someone is having a heart attack, maybe some little girl fell and broke her arm or maybe someone went to be with God in heaven.  And, here we are just going to softball practice while someone (and their family) is having probably one of the worst days of their lives.  I said a quick prayer for the first responders (I'm sure at least of them was about to end their shift and now they will have to text their husband or wife and tell them they will be late), as well as the recipient who is needing their help on this beautiful day.

It was a quick conversation before we moved on to some other topic, but it stuck with me.  You never know what people are going through.  They could be having a heart attack and need the help of the first responders, or maybe they're going through a divorce and are keeping it all together on the outside while they're dying on the inside.  Either way- they're having a bad day.  Maybe someone is having a really  bad day because they can't pay their electricity bill this month and they have no idea what they're going to do.  Maybe someone is really struggling with sending their first kid to kindergarten or college.  Someone could be grieving the loss of a parent, child, or friend.  The list could seriously go on and on, but the point is: everyone has bad days.  Everyone has bad weeks, months and even years.  If you're one of those people- listen up.  God has a plan for you.  As hard as your bad days seem, it's all apart of His plan.  In 5 years you will look back on your bad days and be thankful for them.  You have no idea how much you're learning- consciously and unconsciously.  These bad days are shaping you for your future. 

In closing, I'd like to encourage all of us to make it a point to be KIND to people.  You have no idea what they could be going through.  The guy that just cut you off in the Target parking lot- he could be really struggling.  Or the mom who's at the park with her kids- she could be struggling in someway or another too.  Be kind, give a compliment to a stranger, smile, and teach your kids to do the same.

As always, go SLAY the day!  




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