Slay It Saturday

Those Little Earrings was started as a business in February 2019.  I was selling our ever so popular earrings through my online children's boutique for months before - - when I realized that the earrings were a hit.  I had moms going crazy over them- I couldn't believe they loved the $10 and $12 earrings as much as me!  I was getting awesome feedback- and the one thing that I kept hearing was along the lines of "they make me feel great!" or "I need one in every color for every outfit."  This is when I realized that these earrings are more than earrings.  They're like a really expensive handbag, they give you that confidence and sense of achievement that a really nice handbag gives you.  The plus side, our earrings are affordable!!  So, as I was developing this brand I knew I wanted to focus on that.  I wanted to focus on how a simple, inexpensive earring can change the WAY YOU FEEL if you let it.  This is where I came up with "SLAY!"  Slay, as in like 'go get em, you can do it, own it girl!'  So on this beautiful crisp Saturday morning I want you to go out today and SLAY it.  I hope your coffee is HOT, your schedule isn't extremely crazy, I hope your team wins, I hope you can put a roast in the crock pot for an easy dinner, I hope your husband unloads the dishwasher, I hope you have a minute to put down your phone, I hope your car doesn't run out of gas, and I hope that your laundry does itself.   Deep in my soul I also hope that you feel good about yourself- the way you look, what you've accomplished and how you treat others, for this is what really matters.  I saw a quote the other day that has stuck with me "Comparison is the thief of all joy."  Focus on you.  You do you.  Now, go out and slay the day!




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