So What?

Hey moms, this one's for you!  I know you're tired, busy and not happy about summer break!  Ha!  I'm sure I will enjoy summer break with my kids home, eating every 40 seconds, and telling me they're bored for about 4 days, and then I will be wishing for August get here fast!  There is no shame in having these thoughts!

The truth is, being a mom is hard and sometimes we compare ourselves to other moms, other families, other people's latest Facebook post where it looks like they have the best family, best house and perfect marriage.  And, I'm sure their car is clean, nails are done, grey hairs are covered, and their husband just booked them an adult's only trip with all of their friends!  OMG, I have like 3 friends- literally.  And, one of them is my sister so she sort of HAS to be my friend!

I'm writing this to you today to tell you that it will all be okay.  So what if your kids have eaten microwaved hot dogs for the past 3 nights in a row, and so what if you haven't bathed them in 4 days.  It's fine.  Like, literally, it's totally fine.  So what if you've needed a hair cut for the past two weeks or you know your toes really need a pedi.  So what?  In the grand game of life, these little thing don't really matter.  So what if the milk is one day past expiration.  So what if you need to lose 10 pounds.  So what if your car is filthy beyond measure and you know somewhere there is a rotten apple or curdled milk in a bottle!  SO WHAT!  So what if you drink an entire bottle of wine, by yourself.  So what if you spend a little too much on that super cute handbag you've been wanting.  SO WHAT if you sometimes feel like life is supposed to be more than this.  It's okay, it's totally fine.  

What really matters in life is that your kids feel loved, your husband is your man, and that you are happy with YOU.  Don't compare yourself to anyone else- they're going through the same thing with kids eating highly processed, easy to make, go to dinners as well, trust me!  

Pull your shoulders back, lift your chin and slay today.  You can still slay the day with  needing a hair cut bad hair, toes that need a pedi desperately, and yes, even with a few extra pounds.  You deserve to feel GOOD about yourself and guess what, you get to decide how you feel!  GO get it- #SLAYtheDay!




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