The Sailboat

Everyone in my family is an entrepreneur- literally.  My mom owns a women's clothing boutique, my sister is a professional photographer and she specializes in weddings.  She also is an amazing graphic designer and takes her business from photos to everything from invitations to business logos.  She's really remarkable!  My brother owns a powder coating business and he services many big name businesses like The Harley Davidson dealership here in Des Moines.  My family owns The Chili King which is a Des Moines area landmark restaurant- we were even featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Inn's and Dives on the Food Network!  Growing up my mom sold Longaberger Baskets (Google it if you don't know what that is!) and as a little girl I watched her build a huge business right from the comfort of our home!  In addition to my earring business, I own an online children's boutique and my sister and I own together a company we started called Mark It Events- we hold huge vendor events for small business owners to sell and showcase their products.  We're clearly a family that isn't afraid of work!

I had a friend approach me a few weeks ago- she was thinking about starting up a business and website to sell her vintage finds.  She picked my brain, we chatted a few times over a few days and she's now getting ready to get her business going!  This happens to me a lot- people with great ideas want my input on how they should start, change or improve their businesses and/or ideas.  It's seriously my favorite thing in the world- I love helping other people in business be successful!

So, in my conversation with my friend and her vintage finds website I related my business(es) to a sailboat.  The more I thought of it, the more I think my take on a sailboat can apply to much more than just business- it relates to life!

So, a sailboat is a vessel that floats on water.  It's moved by the wind, but not without effort by a seafarer operating the sails.  In life, sometimes the winds are coming in steady, consistent, and strong- really moving your sailboat along perfectly.  At other times maybe the winds are coming in a bit aggressive, it's hard to get your sails where they need to be, maybe the waves are really roaring.  What if the sailboat capsizes!?  The sailboat crew must make adjustments to the boat, the sails and even their traveling agenda based solely on the winds.  How's your sailboat holding up?!  Are your winds steady or is it hard to keep your sails up?  Do you feel stuck?  Maybe your sailboat is in the middle of the ocean with no wind.  Again, the seafarers must adjust for every level of wind.  (I do know that sailboats have motors, but for the purpose of my point, just imagine no wind, and no motor!!) #haha

As business owners, we're always making adjustments, making changes, hoping for a steady stream of business.  In life, I think sometimes people get stuck and they just accept it.  Maybe you're at a job you hate- your sailboat is in the middle of the ocean with no wind.  What can you do to make a change?  Are you broke?!  Are bills coming in that you can't pay- sailboat capsizing?  Is your marriage struggling?  Your boat is going in the opposite direction it needs to be.  How can you get her going back North?  Are you super successful?  Even just a little successful?  Your boat is really sailing smooth- strong winds in the direction you're intending.  Think about giving back.  Think about helping others in boats that are capsizing.  How can spread your good sails fortune?

In closing, I hope that whatever condition your sailboat and winds have you in, that you hold your head up everyday.  I hope you know that whatever you're going through will pass- God has your back even if it may not feel like it.  I hope that you're positive and grateful even when the boat is capsizing or the winds are so strong you can't see 5 feet in front of you.  If life is perfect for you, do something good with it.  Give back, give your time, give your energy- people need it!

As always, go SLAY the day and let's get your sailboat to it's destination.




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