About Us

Hi!  I'm Jordan and I love earrings!  I am a police wife and stay at home mom to 3 daughters with a passion for small businesses and earrings!  

In 2015, I started Little Children's Boutique which is my Facebook Group Store!  We sell super cute children's clothing from size newborn through size 7.  It's in this business that I discovered we (us moms!) needed something for ourselves!  I launched Those Little Earrings in my children's boutique and they sold like crazy!  Everyone LOVED them and we discovered these earrings make great gifts!  So, in 2019, I launched Those Little Earrings with a mission in mind.  To give moms like me a way to feel good about themselves with cute earrings that don't cost a fortune!  And, the name came from this very popular phrase everyone was saying to me "Where did you get those earrings!?"

I hope you love your little earrings as much I do!

Thank you for shopping small and shopping Little!

Check out our sister company, Little Children's Boutique!  www.facebook.com/groups/littlechildrensboutique



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